1-30 may 2007

For all the solar panels mounted in this period you will get 10% discount.,,




The group of firms RH TRUST was funded in 1994, residing in Cluj-Napoca. RH TRUST is a society with an integral private Romanian capital, a yearly business amount of approximately one million dollars and with over 25 employees and collaborators. 

The main activity of our society concerns installations (which is, design, execution, commercialization, service) for all types of civic and industrial constructions: houses, apartments, blocks, vacation houses, hospitals, churches, schools, hotels, industrial structures. Our activity is directed by the motto "Everything about installations".

Our portfolio includes over ten thousand projects. Our clients took advantage of various projects, either of vast or of little complexity, according to their requests. The assignments have been generally executed as an enterprise, some of them being realized in under enterprise.

RH TRUST undertakes thermic, sanitary, and gas installations, air conditioning, floor heating, and ventilations, both inside and outside the buildings. Our assignments mainly concern the district of Cluj, but also the bordering regions.

For almost fourteen years the firm assisted private and official persons from USA, Israel, France etc. temporarily residing in Transylvania.

All our assignments have a quality certification. The price and the payment terms are extremely competitive, aiming at the benefit of the client, and the deadlines are always respected.